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Φωτομονταζ "γρέκι"
Ολόκληρη η επικοινωνία του βουκολικού blogger:

To τσιρκο Μεντρανο τωρα και στο Κολουμπια!
Dear Sir

I read in the Greek newspapers that your university hired the services of the former Prime minister of Greece Papandreou to give lectures to your students.
My congratulations for giving job and money to someone who took both from the Greek people,giving a position to someone who intentionaly and with a good master plan has brought 
Greece to its kness if not face down in the mud.

If justice system in Greece serves its purpose soon Mr Papandreou will face criminal charges for his plans to make Greece a failed state,people that he appointed as ministers and heads of goverment commisions are brought to justice with heavy charges,if they speak and say who gave them the directions of what they did then….

Your university will stand together with Harvard for having as a visitor someone who has destroyed a country and serves life in prison
Congratulations again,your students will have the opportunity to listen to a liar and a criminal for ,,,,maybe the first time in the lives.

That will be a good lesson for them.

Harry Tsopanos

Πήρε και απόδειξη!

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